Lovely Linen Tablecloths


Lively and imperfect is the motivator of Lovely Linen. The long history of linen and the harmony of nature is our inspiration. Our ambition is that Lovely Linen will help to create vibrant, warm and personal homes.

The majority of the world’s linen originates in Europe. The flax plant, from which linen is made, thrives in the damp, rich soils of European climate. The stiff and slightly napped fibres give all linen textiles a characteristic texture. This porous quality enables linen fabric to absorb and release moisture to remain cool and dry – perfect for bed linen.

Linen's natural luster and soft texture only improve with use and age. It’s these fantastic qualities, and more, that have made it the fabric of choice for thousands of years.

Please note, linen is made from 100% natural flax fiber, as a result, there may be slight variations in colour between seasons. Natural and lovely.

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