Ceramic Ithaca Meze Bowl with Spoon



Inspired by the Ionian Island in Greece and the Meze theme of Garden Tradings collection, the Ithaca Meze Bowl with Spoon would be a beautiful addition to any dining table. Handcrafted from Ceramics, each bowl has been glazed then finished with a simple moulded pattern on the outside, with shades and bubbles varying from piece to piece. This contrasts with the smoother glaze on the inside in soft neutral tones.

The rustic natural appearance of the nibble style bowl looks striking when filled with fresh sauces and dips. Coming complete with the matching spoon the set is perfect to have on the table ahead of tapas evenings or family dinners. Each piece comes with Garden Trading branding on the base and they come individually boxed making a lovely gift.

Height 6.5cm / Width 15cm

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