Natural Anti-Moth Essential Oil May Chang Blend


Natural anti-moth essential oil – May Chang blend

Moths causing you stress? Are you looking for a simple yet effective anti-moth product that is natural and safe for your home and the people inside it? If so, we have the perfect solution for you in the form of our natural anti-moth essential oil. Our natural anti-moth oil was the first product that company owner, Julia Dee, and our perfumier worked on together. And it now acts as the base for all our other Total Wardrobe Care products.

Getting rid of moths with essential oils

Our natural oil repellent is made from our signature blend of eight 100% naturally grown ingredients. The essential oils include May Chang, lavender, cedarwood, patchouli, laurel, rosemary, thyme and clove bud.

The moth cycle

The moth cycle is from May to October. However, due to our homes being centrally heated in the cold winter months, the clothes moth can always find warm dark corners of your wardrobes to lay their eggs in.

So, it is important to always put clothes away clean and make moth prevention part of a seasonal routine. The ingredients used in this blend have historically been used around the world and over centuries to naturally protect clothing from insects such as moths. The female moth is deterred by the strong smell which is why persistent moth care is always advised. If you are already experiencing a moth infestation, the oil will stop the female moth from laying any of her eggs. This disrupts the moth lifecycle and can help solve the problem long term.

How to use our anti-moth oil

Our oil can be used with our wooden oil diffuser or ceramic wardrobe oil infuser. These are an effective and attractive way to use our product and will protect clothes from any unwanted oil spillages when used correctly. You can also use our essential oil by carefully sprinkling a few drops onto cotton wool pads or handkerchiefs. Leave these in solid wooden drawers where the oil will absorb and impregnate the wood with wonderful fragrance which will stop the laying of eggs.

Refresh your anti-moth products

Give your favourite existing moth products a much-needed refresh with our natural anti-moth essential oil! Maybe you have one of our pot pourri cones or cedar balls that need a little revitalising with our signature anti-moth scent? Just a few drops of our beautiful oil can bring their scent back to life, making sure your favourite anti-moth products are doing the most effective job possible. At Total Wardrobe Care, we recommend our customers refresh their anti-moth products every 6 months.



Shipping Internationally

Currently, we are not permitted to send this product overseas.

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